♡♡♡ By Mrs Twig ♡♡♡

In my head, arranging our first styled bridal shoot was going to be a piece of (wedding) cake. I had visions of me on set with a clipboard, organising to my hearts content (I’m a lists gal) and generally just sashaying around looking important. And I guess it was kinda like that. Only swap important for stressed. And sashaying for running. I even forgot my clipboard.

It turns out there’s a lot more to organising a shoot like this than you’d guess when glancing through the related portfolio of stunningly beautiful images.

Thankfully, I had the most incredible bunch of talented creatives on hand to help me through. More on the #dreamteam in a minute.

You may be wondering, at this point, what on earth a ‘styled shoot’ actually means… it’s basically very similar to a fashion editorial, the idea remains the same - to tell a story through photography.

However the significant difference here is that a ‘styled shoot,’ as the wedding industry has dubbed it, involves a lot more than just fashion. The point of these shoots is to tell a story, but also showcase the skills and services of wedding businesses. Due to the large number of products involved, they are actually quite a lot more complex to put together than people might think. No pressure, huh?!

The epic staircase at Netley Hall Estate

The epic staircase at Netley Hall Estate

Cue one very stressed out Mrs Twig, a few sleepless nights and a lot of choccie biccies.

The very first thing to do was to come up with an idea for the shoot. A lot of Pinterest trawling later and I’d;

a) Discovered wedding themes I didn’t even know existed (I’m looking at you Hunger Games x The Walking Dead collab!)

b) Decided it was impossible to settle on an exact theme without knowing which suppliers wanted in but…

c) I was roughly thinking in the region of a hipster/alternative vibe.

Then there was the venue to find, vision board to create, suppliers and models to source…

Cue more sleepless nights and a lot more choccie biccies.

But then, just as I was reaching the end of the biscuit supply, something amazing began to happen. One by one, a whole host of talented creatives began to jump on board this crazy train and the ‘styled’ part of the shoot came together, piece by piece. Like one totally awesome jigsaw.

So, just who were these unique and amazing people? We’ve dubbed them the #dreamteam:

Netley Hall Estate www.netleyhallweddings.com (venue)
Twig’s Branch Photography www.facebook.com/twigsbranchphotography (photographer)
Branch Out Makeup (Suzi Wilkinson) www.facebook.com/branchoutmakeup (makeup artist)
Makeup Art Mui (Mui Ung) www.facebook.com/makeupartmui (makeup artist)
Sarah Lou’s Hairdressing www.sarahloushairdressing.com
Caroline’s Wedding Studio www.carolinesweddingstudio.co.uk (dresses & accessories)
Champagne and Roses www.champagneandroses.co.uk (dresses & accessories)
See It Happy www.seeithappy.co.uk (hand-painted jackets)
Custom Wedding Converse www.wedding-converse.co.uk (shoes)
Ruth Mary Jewellery www.ruthmary.com (jewellery)
Flowers By Lou www.facebook.com/flowers.bylou (floral arrangements)
Shropshire Petals www.shropshirepetals.com (confetti)
Hunkington House Kitchen www.hunkingtonhousekitchen.co.uk (cakes)
Propular Demand www.propulardemand.com (signage)

With extra special thanks to our awesome models:

Georgia-Millie Fielder
Alex Doyle
Jenni-Rose McDonald
Helen Rushton

These incredibly epic images were the result of everyone’s hard work, determination, creativity and passion. Oh and biscuits. none of this would have been possible if not for biscuits.

Until next time Branchettes!
Mrs Twig

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