♡♡♡ 6th July 2019 ♡♡♡

Wedding venues can be a little bit like buses, you wait forever for one to turn up and then another is just around the corner.

We have waited what seems like an eternity to shoot a wedding at the incredible Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge. Authentic vintage streets and cottages, shops from a bygone era and atmospheric workshops and factories simply sing to our brand of iconic vintage photography. We just knew deep down in our souls that when we finally got the chance to shoot at this incredible living museum it would be the most perfect backdrop for our quirky retro aesthetic.

So, cue happy dance when Pip & Liv booked us for their wedding at Blists Hill on 6th July 2019. And then cue happy dancing on a Bez from the Happy Monday’s scale when we were booked for a second wedding at this awesome venue, this time by Client Z (who have asked to remain anonymous) for the following month!

Interesting twist with Pip & Liv… when they contacted us and arranged to meet to chat about their wedding photography they had no idea that Pippin actually knew Mr Twig in his former life as a Music Technician at Telford’s New College! When all became clear it was yet another reason to break out the happy dance routine.

But, we digress, back to the main plot…

The incredible thing about Blists Hill is that you could shoot a wedding there every day of the week and not run out of quirky and unique locations to use. From the nostalgic tin chapel, to the old-fashioned cobbled streets, the whimsical fairground and industrial backdrops - it really is like being a kid in the traditional sweet shop for any photographer, especially one with a reverence for all things old-school.

Mr Twig felt right at home with his retro suitcase, full of both modern and specially adapted vintage lenses!

Everything about this wedding was incredible. Liv looked the picture of radiance in her gown from Jessica’s in Shrewsbury and the bouquets from Sally’s Flowers in Newport were the perfect mix of vintage elegance.

The team at Blists Hill were amazing, super friendly and helpful and they looked after Mr Twig superbly, ensuring he got some much needed sustenance during the day!

Big shout out also to The Last Inn, Newport for letting us use their pub for some pre-wedding shots of the groom and groomsmen and also to Carpenters Row Cottage where Team Bride got ready.

We could quite honestly wax lyrical about how incredible Pip & Liv’s day was until the cows come home (okay, the cat, we don’t have any cows. Just a fluffy, grey grumpy kitty!) but then we wouldn’t have the space or time to show you some of our most favourite images ever!

Until next time folks!

Much love,
The Twigs

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