Many of you who follow The Branch on social media will have noticed that over the last year or so more and more images taken with vintage film lenses have been creeping into your news feed.

Vintage film lenses are pre-digital, they are all manual focus and have manual aperture setting rings. But, enough with the techie stuff, basically, we’ve grown to love the very distinct look these lenses create as it fits perfectly with our retro vintage vibe.

The advantage of working with these lenses is that they are often very sharp and of excellent build quality, coming from an era when camera lenses were all hand made. This also means that no two lenses are the same, each has its own uniqueness that you just don’t get with a modern lens.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we are not about to throw out our Sigma Art range and go full on vintage, but these old lenses can complement a set of images very nicely and its led to us creating a new look for The Branch that we are quite simply calling ‘Vintage Gloss.’

The beauty of using old lenses is that we can create a vintage look without having to rely on filters, we describe this style as having ‘just a hint of retro twist.’ Perfect for anyone who prefers a more subtle old-school vibe.

A second perk is that these lenses are relatively inexpensive to pick up and are easily adapted to a modern day digital camera.

The great thing about using a manual focus lens is it makes you really stop and take your time to compose the shot and think about your framing.

For many modern-day photographers the idea of fully manual lenses probably seems a little alien, but Mr Twig is old enough to have learnt his craft in a pre-digital era and he rather enjoys the little trips down memory lane that these lenses afford him!

After tinkering with vintage lenses for a while it was time to take the plunge and plan an entire photo session using our retro glass, and so the idea for an outdoor festival/boudoir shoot took form.

Mrs Twig provided the makeup for our model, Gemima, and we shot at golden hour on on the fields behind Twig Towers.

Mr Twig shot directly into the sun due to these older lenses being able to create some incredible lens flare. The light on these images, combined with some unusual bokeh, has created a very distinct look that we are rather taken with.

We’ve kept the editing style light, as we said these images really do all of the work for us in creating that vintage vibe, so all we’ve done is add a ‘gloss’ element - the idea being that these images would not look out of place in a fashion print publication, but still retain that unique Twig’s Branch feel.

And so ‘Vintage Gloss’ is born. What do you all think? Would you like to see more photo shoots like this or do you prefer our heavier vintage house style? Which style would you choose for your own shoot?

Leave us a comment or drop us a PM  as we love a bit of feedback.

Until next time Branchettes!

The Twigs

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