Now I bet, even without reading any further than the title, you’ve guessed that guiding you through this blog is non other than your hero, Mr Twig. 

I wanted to put a quick post together to talk about love. Specifically, how much I love a Love Shoot. See, the title makes sense now (and, coincidentally, is linked to my all time favourite band. EVER). 

Love Shoots are our version of pre-wedding shoots. We just like to be different. The selection of images you see here are of the awesome Sam & Jay, set against the backdrop of the historical town of Shifnal.  

For me, as a wedding photographer, the Love Shoot is an essential factor in the creative process for a number of reasons: 

(a) It gives our clients an idea of what to expect on the big day and gives me a chance to get to know what makes them tick; 

(b) I get to see how comfortable the couple are in front of the camera and how much coaching into poses and actions they require;

(c) Often the process throws up some original ideas for images to capture on the wedding day.

Sam & Jay have had their wedding booked with us for quite some time now (their wedding is actually this weekend!) and have already had one of our lifestyle portrait shoots (a romantic themed shoot in the picturesque setting of Apley Pool).  So when it was time for their Love Shoot, I really did not want to give them a second lot of images that were too similar to the previous batch. Time to get creative.

We had arranged to meet at the couple’s wedding venue in Shifnal to discuss the final plans for their big day. As beautiful as their hotel grounds are, photo locations are limited so I wanted to save them for the wedding. So instead, I asked Sam & Jay if they would like to make the short walk into the Shifnal Town for a more urban-themed Love Shoot.

Thankfully, both of them were on board so we went exploring and found a few beautifully dilapidated, historical buildings on our travels. Shifnal really is such a stunning town, full of character and charm. The run down former shop fronts, the black and white timber buildings and a rather industrial looking railway tunnel and station made for fantastic backdrops and I’m really pleased with how this collection of images turned out. 

For the tech geeks, this is the gear I used at the shoot:

Canon 5D MK2

Sigma 24-105mm Art

Canon 8-15L

Sigma 35mm Art

All natural light

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Until next time Branchettes!

Mr Twig