Mr Twig and I are both creative beings and, let’s be honest, as creatives we seek validation for our art wherever it may be found. Sometimes this may be via a comment on a blog or social media post, through reviews left by clients or a thoughtfully written thank you note.

But perhaps one of the greatest expressions of validation we receive is when clients, who have previously asked for their images to be kept private, do a complete 180° and end up wanting to share their photographs because they are just that thrilled with them.

Knowing that there are people in the world so delighted with your art they feel it simply must be shared is a pretty big thing. We never tire of the enormous sense of satisfaction in a job well done whenever this happens, it’s how we know we’ve done it right.

Although these couples have asked that the full details surrounding their day remain private (hence no individual blogs as per our norm), we are super excited to now be able to share some of their images with you.

We hope you enjoy these two videos, and a small selection of stills, from Emma & Liam’s wedding in October and Allan & Joanne’s day back in September.

Until next time Branchettes!

The Twigs