When Alex and Samantha planned their outdoor tipi wedding at the beautiful Wroxeter Hotel, near Shrewsbury, they hadn’t accounted for Callum. Callum was an obnoxious beast, causing havoc and mayhem in the 24 hours preceding this awesome couple’s dream day.

Callum was the epitome of ‘the uninvited wedding guest’ and, worst of all, he was full of wind.

No, we’re not talking about some distant relative with flatulence, we’re talking Storm Callum. With wind speeds of up to 80mph, and amidst fears of the tipis taking off in true Dorothy ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto’ style, the decision was made to move Alex & Sam’s wedding indoors at the last minute.

We’ve never seen so many people rally to make sure this couple’s day was as perfect as they dreamed it would be. Family and friends were moving decorations right up until the morning of the wedding and the hotel staff were incredible, going out of their way to provide little extra touches to ensure Callum’s rage did not impact on Alex & Sam’s day.

And what a beautiful day it was, full of emotion and love, with touching elements such as Alex’s sons taking on the important role of Dad’s ‘Best Men’ - the speeches they gave brought a tear to even Mr Twig’s eye!

And, as you can see, despite Storm Callum’s best attempt at chaos, we still managed to capture some beautiful outdoor images in-between showers!

Photographing in adverse weather conditions can often be a challenge, but a good photographer lives by the motto ‘be prepared’ and with a bit of pre-thought you can use the rain as a spectacular backdrop!


To view more images from Alex & Sam’s day click the video below.

Until next time Branchettes!

Mr & Mrs Twig


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