Shropshire Boudoir Photography

If you are looking for bespoke vintage boudoir photography experiences in the heart of stunning Shropshire then congratulations, you're in the right place! (If you’re looking for images of the actual Shropshire countryside then alas, we probably aren’t your best bet, sorry about that).

We are Shropshire’s boudoir photography specialists. Our approach to boudoir is distinctive. We’ve created a quirky retro vibe that is unique to Twig’s Branch Photography, think of it as a cocktail of classic pinup and high fashion, with a postmodern twist (if our style were an actual cocktail we’d call it the Von Teese).  

Our ethos is that boudoir photography should be more tasteful than tacky, sensual rather than overtly sexy. We are all about girl power and indulging femininity.

Our boudoir images are a celebration of women, no matter what shape, size or nationality and are perfect to share with your partner, or as a personal memento of your own empowerment.

Combining expert posing, lighting, a professional makeover and minimal editing, we ensure your finished images capture the very best version of you.

All Boudoir Packages include professional hair & makeup as standard, as well as a video highlights reel set to music. To view a sample video, click the play button above.

To find out more about our boudoir experiences visit our ‘Classic,’ ‘Bridal’ or FAQ pages.

Looking for something a bit edgier? Take a look at our ‘boudoir on location’ reel below and ask us for more information.


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