Vintage photography in shropshire

Chances are if you’re considering booking Twig’s Branch Photography then you’d probably like to know a little more about us, I know we would if we were in your shoes. 

And who ‘we’ are is probably a good starting point. We are husband and wife team Paul & Suzi Wilkinson. Paul is the face behind the lens and Suzi (aka Mrs Twig) manages the general running of The Branch, as well as being our in-house makeup artist. We specialise in quirky, non-traditional wedding, boudoir and lifestyle photography with a postmodern retro vibe. 

We are based in Telford, Shropshire, and cover all of the UK and beyond. 

As for the name, Twig’s Branch, we’d like to say it stems from a deeply spiritual meaning, a connection to the strength, beauty and stillness of the tree that symbolises the magic and wonder of life. 

That, like an image, every tree tells a story. We’d like to say that. But we can’t. We made it up. 

So, how did we really come up with the name... Paul’s nickname at college was Twig. Twigs grow from branches. That’s about it. We really should think about going with that spiritual story. 

So that’s a bit about us and who we are, but what do we do? Well, there’s definitely a clue in the name - Twig’s Branch Photography - but there’s more to us than what it says on the tin. 

We like to think we’re a little bit different to your average photography company.  We’ve worked hard to create our unique style and, whether you love or hate it, our iconic postmodern vintage vibe is instantly recognisable. 

We’re a bit like Marmite in that way (see, it's all making sense now, right?!)







*Other brands of yeast extract are available.

 Click the image to view our galleries

Click the image to view our galleries

About You

But it’s not all about us, let’s talk about you. 

You like things a little bit different. You’re fun loving and don’t conform to traditions. You want your photographs to stand out from the crowd

You sound awesome. 

Although we can’t deny we think we’re a match made in heaven, we realise you may want to get to know us a little better before we talk commitment. So why not grab a slice of toast (Marmite, obviously), put your feet up and take a look around our site and decide if we’re your cup of tea.